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Dear Customers, Suppliers and Friends

As it’s now known, our country together with many others is facing a very serious pandemic situation.

In order to contain the risk of contagion, our Prime Minister has decided to impose new restrictive measures for all economic activities, including ours, which are not essential for the survival of people.

Therefore, I have to inform you that starting from tomorrow March 26th 2020 our company will be closed until April 3rd 2020.

During this period, sales and technical telephone assistance services will be available by our personnel (team) and local Agents around the world.

Please be assured that if there are any changes to the restrictions now in place that we will communicate these to you immediately in the hope of returning to our normal business activities as soon as possible.

I also would like to take the opportunity of thanking all our employees and Agents, who are showing a lot of solidarity and support to our company.

Gian Piero Gagliardi


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As it’s now known, our country together with many others is facing a very...

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