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NORDIMPIANTI was founded in 1974 as a small family business by Nunzio Gagliardi.

He responded to a growing market demand for plant and machinery for the production of prestressed concrete elements in Italy.

He was soon using his engineering expertise to improve upon existing designs and very quickly the enterprise turned into a manufacturing business with its base in central Italy, not far from Rome.

Since then the company has grown to become  an international force.

Today NORDIMPIANTI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and equipment for the production of prestressed concrete elements primarily used in the construction industry.
The elements are used in flooring systems or as wall panels in a vast range of residential, civil, industrial and infrastructure construction applications.

NORDIMPIANTI designs and manufactures its products in-house and under one roof using a team of professionals, all experts and experienced in their fields. With its Extruder, Slipformer and Wet Casting technologies, it has a strong product portfolio offering all the ancillary machines required to make producing elements as efficient and as cost effective as possible.

It combines this with a complete  consultancy service, dealing with the smallest technical question right up to the design of complete factories,  to help expand and refurbish existing facilities or to advise, support and supply green field start up investments.

Nordimpianti has delivered more than 200 plants and machines capable of producing a large range of prestressed concrete elements.  It has done this by adhering to its core values and remains a family business with Mr Nunzio Gagliardi  still the President of the company to this day.

Nordimpianti has a commitment to quality and service and we believe we make the best equipment in the world.


Since its foundation in the 70’s Nordimpianti has been driven by the desire to build and supply products of the highest quality and always using the latest technology available.

Nordimpianti has a wealth of experience gained from working all over the world and makes us a reliable partner to supply efficient production solutions.

Why Nordimpianti?

10 great reason to choose Nordimpianti

1.Our company is a family run business which means we can focus all our attention on our clients’ needs to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

2.We have more than 40 years experience in supplying plants and machinery for the production of prestressed concrete elements.

3.All aspects of production, from initial design to after-sales service are done in-house.

4.Our products are internationally proven in more than 40 countries, across the five continents.

5.We can offer all types of casting systems available, Extruder, Slipformer and Wet Casting machines.

6.Nordimpianti’s casting machines can produce a wide range of prestressed concrete elements such us hollow core slabs for floors and walls, Inverted T-Beams, Vineyard posts, Lintels, Half slabs, Slabs with lattice ribs, Inverted double T beams and U-Panels.

7.We are the only company that can supply a range of Extruder machines for Hollow Core Slabs in widths of 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm and 2400 mm.

8.Since 1974, Nordimpianti has been the world’s leading supplier of Slipformers for the production of hollow core slabs and Inverted Double T beams up to 1 m high.

9.Our machines are made in Italy and are manufactured under strict quality control.

10.Our machines are highly engineered using the best materials and components to guarantee high reliability and quality.


Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality products and services to help them reach their potential and be successful within their own marketplace.

To achieve this we use a highly professional motivated team of people combined with high-end technology equipment and machinery.

We think it is important to forge strong and lasting relationships with our customers in order to understand their business and to be in a better position to respond to their needs. Nordimpianti combines technical expertise and ingenuity with absolute customer focus to offer first class products and services that are second to none.

NORDIMPIANTI gives you the benefit of almost 40 years of international experience and you can rely on its full package consultancy service.

NORDIMPIANTI helps you put your concrete ideas into profitable practice.


We forge the project together...

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