EVO2 Extruder

The new generation series of EVO2 extrusion machines represent the state of the art in the production of prestressed hollow core panels.

Available in 5 versions depending on the type of elements to be produced, the NORDIMPIANTI Extruder offers cost-effective solutions for companies who are looking for a flexible approach to produce hollow core slabs in various sizes.

The Extruder casts elements in a single phase using the extrusion method without the need for vibration thus keeping the noise of the machine to a minimum. The machine is modular and the power unit together with the hopper can easily be transferred to another forming insert to enable a slab with a different height to be produced.

Standard heights range from 150 mm to 520 mm while the widths available are 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm and 2400 mm.
The heights of the elements, as well as the thickness of the vertical ribs can be varied within certain limits according to the application and the element specifications required.


EVO2 Extruder
Modular and Interchangeable

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The NEW EVO2. A good machine just got better.

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How it works

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Concrete is delivered to the extruder’s hopper (1) and by gravity falls onto the Archimedean screws (2).
The screws then drive the concrete into the compaction chamber (3) where the forming tubes (4) are situated. The forming tubes and the side formers create the shape and the voids of the element without the use of vibration.
Screws, together with the forming tubes, the side formers and the smoother (5) have an oscillating movement backwards and forwards which give excellent concrete compaction at every point along the element ensuring the element’s excellent technical characteristics.
NORDIMPIANTI’s EVO2 extruder is equipped with a compaction control system (6) that allows the operator complete control of the machine in order to reduce or increase the concrete compaction when required.


EVO Extruders from Nordimpianti are made up of 3 main units, a universal control and power unit, a universal hopper and an interchangeable forming insert module.

Power unit

The universal power unit houses the main motors, the drive motors and the control panel. The power unit, together with the hopper can be easily and quickly transferred to another forming insert to produce a different element.


The concrete is delivered to the machine’s hopper. The concrete then falls onto the Archimedean screws of the forming insert.
The hopper has a minimum level sensor which stops the machine if there is not enough concrete. This device stops the machine in order to avoid the situation where element damage can occur if the machine is completely out of concrete.
When the hopper is refilled the Extruder automatically restarts.

Forming insert

The forming insert contains the special gearbox with an oil bath for the transmission components. It also contains the Archimedean screws, forming tubes, side formers, smoother and the wire guides.
The height of the hollow core slabs and the number of voids is determined by the forming insert. Different element heights can be manufactured by changing the forming inserts. The standard forming inserts produce hollow core slabs with 8, 6, 5 or 4 holes.

Forming insert


8 screw forming insert
HC slabs 150 mm high

6 screw forming insert
HC slabs 200 mm high

5 screw forming insert
HC slabs 265 mm high

4 screw forming insert
HC slabs 320-500 mm high
• Forming tubes (1)
• Smoother device (2)
• Concrete conveyor (3)

Production flexibility

The 4 screw forming insert is capable of producing hollow core slabs with different heights by simply changing some components supplied as an accessory set. This accessory set consists of the following:
• Forming tubes (1)
• Smoother device (2)
• Concrete conveyor (3)
For the 4 screw forming insert the accessory sets can be supplied to enable panels between 320 mm and 500 mm high to be produced. Special accessory sets are also available for other forming insert types.

Technical data

Length, with cable drum
5100 mm
1680 mm
Height, depending on forming insert
2240 - 2360 mm
Rail gauge, standard Nordimpianti casting bed
1410 mm
Volume concrete hopper
1.8 m³
Total weight, depending on forming insert
8000 - 8600 kg
Connection power, 400 V, 50 Hz
52 kW
Noise level
< 85 dBA

Top Advantages

of NORDIMPIANTI’s Extruder machines

The new EVO2 a good machine just got better

  • 1) New design;
  • 2) Reduction in maintenance costs;
  • 3) Improved product quality;
  • 4) Improved machine operation;

Design and engineering
Made in Italy

Trasmission in oil bath

New Design

New screw designs

Independent screw motors

Dynamic machine control
DCM (Optional)

New smoother

New cardan joint system
between shaft and trasmission

New side formers

New hopper

New control panel

No need for extra access ladders

Tool holdercompartments

Auxiliary power socket

Hook holders

Improved rear
work platform

Productionschedule support

New led lamp

Inspection lamp

Water tank with spray
system on upper cables

New system for wire guide
plate movement

Low maintencance cost

New concrete conveyor

Excellent surface finish


for Walls
Hollow Core Slabs for Walls

Production of prestressed hollow core slabs for Floors and Walls

With the NORDIMPIANTI Extruder EVO2 machine it is possible to produce hollow core slabs for floors and for walls.

The production system gives a good surface finish on both sides of the element (one side is smooth because of the steel casting bed and the other side is given an excellent finish by the smoother device on the casting machine). It means that the panel is finished, ready for painting if required.

for Floors
Hollow Core Slabs for Floors

Production of special elements

NORDIMPIANTI’s EVO2 Extruder can also be equipped to produce hollow core slabs for floors with profile edge keys along the sides of the element. These enable the elements, when constructed together to meet seismic requirements.

The particular corrugated side edge is made by special edge cog rollers.

Production of special elements


EVO2 Extruder
EVO2 Extruder
Independent screw motors
Independent screw motors
Trasmission in oil bath
Trasmission in oil bath
New screw designs New smoother
New screw designs New smoother
New smoother
New smoother
New control panel
New control panel
New hopper
New hopper
Low maintencance cost
Low maintencance cost

Excellent surface finish
Excellent surface finish
Detail of the innovative side edge rail developed by Nordimpianti
Detail of the innovative side edge rail developed
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