1250 mm wide

1250 mm wide

The 1250mm wide hollow core slabs produced with the EVO e125 Extruder are divided into 4 hole types depending on the heights of the elements.

Element heights are variable from 150 to 500mm and can be customized according to specific needs.

The EVO e125 Extruder is capable of producing both hollow core slabs for floors and hollow core wall panels simply by replacing the side formers on the forming insert.

Element features

1250 mm wide

8 holes

6 holes

5 holes

4 holes

h 150 mm • Kg/m² 216
h 200 mm • Kg/m² 248
h 265 mm • Kg/m² 304
h 320 mm • Kg/m² 379
h 400 mm • Kg/m² 424
h 500 mm • Kg/m² 504
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8 holes hollow core slabs
Extruder EVO e120
Extruder EVO e120
Extruder EVO e120
Casting of 500mm hollow core slabs
Excellent concrete compaction and steel wire bonding
Excellent surface finish
6 holes hollow core slabs
5 holes hollow core slabs
4 holes hollow core slabs
Storage of 1200mm wide hollow core slabs
Storage of 1200mm wide hollow core slabs
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