9 holes Wall Panels

In residential, commercial or industrial building sectors hollow core slabs can be used as wall elements.

Hollow core slabs have an excellent finish quality on both top and bottom surfaces, the lower surface because the elements are cast on steel production beds.

The upper surface because the element is smoothed by the Wet Casting Slipformer. This means that the final element requires no further finishing, painting is only if required.

Element heights are variable from 120 to 200mm and can be customized according to specific needs.

Element features

Hollow core wall panels

9 holes
1200 mm wide

h 120 mm • Kg/m² 210
h 150 mm • Kg/m² 245
h 200 mm • Kg/m² 295

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Hollow core wall panels
Hollow core wall panels
Moke-up wall panel
Moke-up wall panel
Wet Casting machine producing hollow core wall panels
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